Trend Alert: lacey lingerie… For men

Lacey lingerie is ultra feminine and sexy, right? Well, you could be wrong. Because it seems that men might want to start wearing lacey undies too. Several designers have marketed lingerie for men in the past year.

The most recent example of a business that has started marketing lingerie for men is a clothing store in Tokyo, Japan. The floral patterned bras they started selling were designed to help perk up men boobs, or ‘moobs’. They can be bought along with matching panties. Men are supposed to sleep in them so their pectorals won’t sag overnight.

The bright colors and floral patterns don’t look very masculine, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. We have noticed more and more lingerie webshops offering lacey thongs for men And we mean thongs that look like they could have come straight from a womans closet – that is, if you don’t count the bulging front of the panties.

Lacey lingerie and chesthair bikinis

Lacey lingerie for menMeanwhile in England, photos are being posted online of men who have shaved their chest hair into the shape of a bikini top. Proudly and smiling, they pose for a pic or take a selfie and then post the picture online, accompanied by the hashtag #ChestHairBikini. Do they secretly want to start wearing bikinis to the beach? Or is this just a funny meme?

Only time will tell for sure. But maybe we should also take into account the fact that history tells us the corset was originally designed for men, way before women started wearing them. So maybe we’ve had it all wrong, all the time, and lacey lingerie isn’t as feminine as we think it is. Highly unlikely, we’ll admit. But should your boyfriend suddenly develop the urge to start wearing thongs and bras, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Thong bikini hottest summer trend?

This summer, many celebs appear to have discovered the thong bikini. Although this bathing suit is’n exactly a new invention, apparently it is making a comeback. Would you wear one?

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bündchen and of course Miley Cyrus have all been photographed wearing a thong bikini recently. They aren’t alone, as more and more women seem to re-discover the thong bikini. As they should, because this bathing suit style has a few distinctive advantages. Not convinced? Let us sum them up for you.

Why wear a thong bikini?

Say goodbye to your white butt! In a thong bikini, you won’t have to worry about your butt cheeks staying white while ther rest of your body tans. Think of the thong as a strapless bikini bottom.

No visible panty lines. A thong bikini bottom offers the same advantage a regular g-string or thong does. When wearing your pareo or a sun dress over your bikini, you won’t have to worry about visible panty (or in this case: bikini bottom) lines.

Get dry faster. When you’re emerging from your swim in the ocean, you won’t have to wait too long for your bathing suit to stop dripping. Simply because there’s less fabric that can drip.

thong bikini hottest summer trend?If you are still in doubt, consider this: your boyfriend will love seeing you in a thong bikini and will only have eyes for you, instead of ogling other beach babes.

Still not ready to try out a thong bikini? Well, you can always start getting used to the idea by wearing g-strings under your clothes. No one will see them, and you can get used to the freedom of movement it provides and the sexy feeling of confidence it will give you. Who knows, maybe next year you won’t want to go to the beach wearing anything other than a thong bikini!

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Charlene Taylor: burlesque, big and beautiful

Plus-size girls can’t wear G-strings? Says who? Charlene Taylor is all about proving them wrong. After being selfconcious about her figure for years this size 16 mother has become one of Britains most popular burlesque dancers. And yes, she wears G-strings. On stage. For the world to see.

“For most of my adult life I believed being sexy meant being a size 10, but now I know that’s not the case and I want other women to know they can do whatever they want – despite their size or shape,” says Charlene Taylor, aka Chazabelle Royale. She won the Miss Burlesque Competitions 2013 and has since become very popular as a burlesque dancer.

Charlene Taylor performs on stage in nothing but a G-string and a feather boa. And she loves doing it. Charlene certainly didn’t see that coming herself. She told The Mirror that she joined a dancing class for fun. After that, her confidence rocketed and before long, she found herself looking forward to performing on stage.

How to become as sexy as Charlene Taylor

Charlene Taylor: burlesque, big and beautifulShe now sees her full figure as a blessing, as it makes her stand out from other burlesque performers. And the audiences she performs for share that opinion. “After every performance people would come up to me and tell me how refreshing it was to see a big girl dancing and how talented I was.”

Charlene Taylor is living proof that big girls can be sexy too. The secret? Not her sexy clothes, not her voluptuous curves. Not her winning smile. Her confidence is what makes her sexy. And you can be like her.

If you have a fuller figure and are ashamed of it, let this beautiful burlesque performer be your inspiration – as she is to so many other women. Buy that G-string you’ve had your

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Wicked Weasel Gstring

wicked weasel gstringWe really love Wicked Weasel gstrings. This brand has over 20 different gstring designs and lots and lots of colors. Take a look for yourself on

Style 611, the micro illusion knicker is one of our favorites. It is simple, sexy and a real nice gstring. It barely covers the front and has a small cord at the back. It is available in white, black, blue and fuchsia.

Do you have a favorite style? Tell us in the comments!

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Buy thongs

buy string online

Where to buy thongs online? We share some nice tips overhere.

You can buy thongs online at a few good sites:

  1. Figleaves
  2. Amazon (nice packs)
  3. Herroom (sexy colors :) )

At those three sites you can buy nice, sexy and comfortable thongs and strings. Do you want to receive a newsletter when they have a discount coupon? Enter your e-mail on the right and subscribe to our newsletter.

Other places to buy a thong

We always look out for nice new online stores that sell thongs or g-strings online. If you own a store e-mail us a nice and unique article and we can put it on our website. You can e-mail us on news at

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Micro thong

Pink micro thong micro thongs

Micro thongs are smaller versions of normal thongs. Both the back and front of a micro thong is smaller and covers less skin.

On the internet there are a few big online shops that sell micro thongs and micro bikini’s (the micro thongs are often part of a set).

One of our favorite shops for a thong like this is wicked weasel. This brand is selling micro bikini’s since 1994. For more info about micro thongs visit their website.

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Two reasons to wear a g-string bikini

G-String Bikini Bottom

A g string bikini is a triangle bikini top with a g-string bottom. There are two main reasons to wear a g-string bikini.

Reason one: Because a g string bottom has less material than a normal thong the bottom’s are perfect for suntanning. The bum gets a evenly tan and only the small laces of the g-string stay untanned.

Reason two: It gets all the men crazy.

Depending on the manufacturer the bikini’s come with a micro top or with a normal triangle top. A micro bikini top covers just like the g-string less of the body and has the same two reasons as a g-string bottom to wear.

If you want to buy a g-string bottom or bikini visit a online store like Ujena.

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Things you need to know about a thong

thongThere are a few things that are nice to know for woman and men that wear thongs besides the difference between a g string and a thong.

As wikipedia tells us in a history of thousands of years thongs where mostly worn by men and has a long history in Asia, Africa and South America.

The term thong comes from a old English term thwong which means leather cord. So thongs are named after their desing on the back; A small cord between the buttocks.

In the now there are alot of surveys about the age a woman starts wearing a thong and how many woman wear thongs. On average the surveys give a answer of 30% percent of the woman wear thongs and the average age a woman starts wearing a thong is around 15.

If you have a survey or things we need to know about thongs? Show us in the comments!

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g string vs thong difference


We often get the question: What is the difference between a G-string and a thong? The simple answer to this question is: There is no difference. A G-string is a thong type.

The longer explanation tells us that thongs/strings come in many types. Wikipedia describes it as a piece of underwear where the material at the back is reduced to a minimum.

A G-string, as a type of thong, is mostly thinner than a normal thong and has thin laces at the back

There is a exeption: In Australia each G-string is a thong and each thong refers to a slipper.

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