Serena Williams sexy in lingerie

Serena Williams is showing off her beautiful curves in a new campaign for Berlei Lingerie. According to Williams, she has been a fan of the Australian brand for more than ten years. “My mom discovered the brand in Myer on a trip to Australia 10 years ago and I have been wearing their sports bras ever since.”

But Serena Williams is obviously not the average lingerie model. She’s too curvy for that. And just like normal women, she can get insecure about that, she told The Daily Telegraph: “I can get self-conscious. But I think that is just natural for women to feel that way,” she said. Only to add: “I have learned to be proud of my curves and to embrace them. It’s important to love who you are and realize that you’re beautiful, no matter what society says”.

We agree with Serena Williams 🙂

We at agree wholeheartedly with that last statement! Which is why we love wearing thongs and G-strings, even though most of us aren’t even close to being a size zero. But, as we’ve said before, big butts look just as beautiful as their smaller counterparts. Do you ever wear a g-string or thong, even though you aren’t ‘the right size’ for wearing one?

To see some of the campaign pictures of Serena Williams for Berlei, click here.

Aerie scores points with real women

Sales for Aerie underwear have jumped by nine percent compared to the same time last year, since they decided to throw Photoshop out the window. And customers are happy, too. This news definitely gives other brands (yes, Victoria’s Secret, we’re talking to you) something to think about.

“I was browsing Aeries site a little while ago and saw a legit stretch mark on a model’s butt, which I don’t know why felt reassuring to me (maybe because my own butt is an albino tiger) and I thought ‘you go girl, flaunt that butt!’” This is only one of the positive remarks customers posted about Aerie forgoing airbrushed models in their campaigns.

Aerie models are beautiful

Aerie scores points with real womenSure, Aerie seems to not understand that there are real women out there that are bigger than a size 6, but it’s a great start towards showing that perfection and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder. Because yes, the women in the Aerie ads do in fact look beautiful despite their beauty marks and tattoos.

Aeries campaign isn’t the only one out there that portrays real women, and anyone who has read about or seen pictures of the Lingerie Fashion Week that was held in New York at the end of October knows what the runway models in that event looked like (they had all kinds of real women, actually, and it was beautiful). So you could say that there is a certain trend going on in the industry.

Which big names will follow?

But most of the real big brands still stick to their old ways, and that’s a shame if you ask us. The #AerieREAL campaign and others like it will probably not change the entire industry overnight, but the response of their customers and the rise in sales should at least have some brands rethink their ad campaigns. Here’s hoping that a few big brands will follow suit in the next couple of years.

Image: Pixabay

Everybody has the perfect body

Victoria’s Secret is angering women all over the world, with their billboard that shows The Perfect Body. On petition site, a petition has been launched to make the brand apologize and stop the marketing campaign.

Did VS mean the campaign to come across as ‘bodyshaming’, as the petitioners on put it? Maybe, even probably, not. Their new bra is simply called Body, and the slogan ‘The Perfect Body’ was probably meant to describe the bras in the picture. The last word even has quotes around it to illustrate that we weren’t meant to take it literally.

But coupled with the models in the pictures, this campaign does at the very least show carelessness and poor judgment from the lingerie company’s marketing people. They could have put a fuller figured model in the picture, but they didn’t.

Perfect body message damaging and unhealthy

The perfect body?We’ve got news for Victoria’s Secret: only something like five percent of women world wide have what you say is the ‘perfect’ body type. The rest of us are perfect in other ways. Yes, there are different shades of perfection. And who are you to decide what perfection really means? Everybody has the perfect body, in our opinion!

The petitioners at call the campaign a damaging and unhealthy message about how they look and how they should be judged. People who agree with that sentiment, are invited to sign the petition here, and subsequently help spread the word on Twitter, using the hashtag #iamperfect. Here’s hoping VS will get the message and take responsibility.

Heidi Klum gets her own lingerie label

Bendon, a leading name in the lingerie industry in Australia and New Zealand, has announced a partnership with model Heidi Klum. In January 2015, she will launch her own lingerie label for Bendon, Heidi Klum Intimates.

Heidi Klum is the successor of Elle McPherson, aka The Body, who’s had her own lingerie label with Bendon for the past twenty-five years. McPherson will continue her lingerie labels as well, but her contract with Bendon was ending and Bendon thought it was time for a change. That’s why they offered Klum the position of creative director.

Klum is excited to be cooperating with Bendon, she told Women’s Wear Daily: “I have many companies that come to me, but I wanted to be with someone who was as big as them, as established as them, as successful as them.”

Heidi Klum has a hamster in her brain

You’d think the model was busy enough already, with her three tv shows, four kids and lots of business ventures on her daily schedule. But there’s always room for more, according to Heidi – especially when there’s lingerie designing involved. “People always think, ‘Oh, everything already exists.’ But it’s not true. There’s always something. I have a little hamster in my brain that’s always running.”

Heidi Klum gets her own lingerie labelHeidi Klum Intimates will continue to offer the same core items that Elle McPherson Intimates did, such as lace and satin push up bras, but Heidi does intend to put her own mark on new styles. Maybe she’ll design some beautiful thongs and g-strings? We can’t wait for launch day!

Nude lingerie, reinvented

Nude lingerie always has a kind of beige or ivory color. Which is weird when you think about it, as most people have a darker skin complexion. Nubian Skin is now trying to redefine nude lingerie by marketing lingerie in tones that match those darker complexions.

“It’s time for a different kind of nude,” says Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin. And it looks like she’s right. The new lingerie brand’s website will launch tomorrow, october 1st. And if the huge numbers of fans and followers on the social channels are any indication, the launch is gonna be a very successfull one.

Four shades of nude lingerie

Nude lingerie, reinventedAlthough other lingerie labels, like Marks & Spencer, have tried to include darker shades in their nude lingerie range, they were always limited to one or two darker shades. Nubian Skin currently offers four skin tones: Cinnamon, Carame, Café Au Lait and Berry. Women can use the handy little guide on the website to determine which shade of nude lingerie they should order.

Sizing may prove a slight problem, though. Because of practicality, Nubian Skins nude lingerie only comes in regular sizes for now. That leaves out women who have larger sizes. But the label has already promised that future collections will also come in larger sizes.

Gstring Online is happy that nude lingerie is being reinvented and wishes Nubian Skin the best of luck!

Don’t worry, your fat butt is healthy

Do you think your butt is too fat? Think again. Research has shown that a fat butt is way more healthy than a skinny one.

It’s a fact of life that women typically have larger butts than men. And that may just be why women live longer than men, which is also a fact. But why do women have larger butts than men? The answer to that is, of course, hormones. And more specifically, estrogen. Estrogen causes a certain type of fat to be stored in the buttocks instead of the stomach.

Fat butt means more brain cells

Don’t worry, your fat butt is healthyMen don’t have estrogen, so a different type of fat accumulates in their stomach. And research has shown that fat stored in the gut breaks down easier, releasing cytokines. The cytokines have been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance, by Harvard Medical School.

But that’s not all. Studies have also found women with fat butts and wide hips to be increasingly more intelligent than less curvy women. This has to do with the levels of cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acids.

Show off your butt!

Women with large behinds tend to have less cholesterol and more omega-3, which is proven to catalyze brain development. Are your hips wide and is your butt big? Then your (future) children might be intellectually superior to kids from slimmer mothers too.

All-in all, women now have a good reason to love and show off their big butts, and men have a good reason to answer the dreaded question “Do these pants make my ass look fat?” with a resounding “Yes!”. Next time you’re worried if your fat butt can pull off wearing that sexy g-string, we’d say, go for it. It’s a sign of good health and intelligence when your ass looks large 🙂

A tattoo on your G-string, why not?

A lot of women would like to get a tattoo, but rather not a permanent one. Malta-based entrepreneur Terry Bird may have found the answer for those women: just buy a tattoo string.

The idea is simple enough: make g-strings that have a little transparent triangle on the back, and print tattoo designs on that triangle. Voila, a fake tat that looks like a real one. The beauty of this idea is, of course, that you can wear a different tattoo every day.

Do we really need a tattood g-string?

A tattoo on your g-string, why not?How real the tats will look, of course depends on the transparency of the material on which it is printed and the color of your skin. But, who knows, maybe the tattoo strings will become the next big thing and it will be manufactured in all kinds of different skin tones in the future.

The question is, if this new string will ever really make it to the market. According to Terry Bird, the market is huge. Especially in Brazil and eastern European countries. He wants to produce 2.3 million strings a year to meet that demand.

But we wonder: is the g-string in itself still popular enough? Are fake tattoos popular enough? And is the combination of the two really necessary, considering that there are other options to decorate your lower back using a string?

Wanted: tattoo artists

That said, the concept of the g-string Bird has had drawn up certainly looks nice. It is blue and has a beautiful butterfly tattoo on the back. And it definitely isn’t just for people who love tattoos!

Bird is currently looking for two tattoo artists who can help him bring his idea to life. He’s also talking to major brands to sell his concept version. The tat string, if realized, will come in high-end packages and at prices that compare very favourably with other underwear and bikinis that are on the market.

Trend Alert: lacey lingerie… For men

Lacey lingerie is ultra feminine and sexy, right? Well, you could be wrong. Because it seems that men might want to start wearing lacey undies too. Several designers have marketed lingerie for men in the past year.

The most recent example of a business that has started marketing lingerie for men is a clothing store in Tokyo, Japan. The floral patterned bras they started selling were designed to help perk up men boobs, or ‘moobs’. They can be bought along with matching panties. Men are supposed to sleep in them so their pectorals won’t sag overnight.

The bright colors and floral patterns don’t look very masculine, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. We have noticed more and more lingerie webshops offering lacey thongs for men And we mean thongs that look like they could have come straight from a womans closet – that is, if you don’t count the bulging front of the panties.

Lacey lingerie and chesthair bikinis

Lacey lingerie for menMeanwhile in England, photos are being posted online of men who have shaved their chest hair into the shape of a bikini top. Proudly and smiling, they pose for a pic or take a selfie and then post the picture online, accompanied by the hashtag #ChestHairBikini. Do they secretly want to start wearing bikinis to the beach? Or is this just a funny meme?

Only time will tell for sure. But maybe we should also take into account the fact that history tells us the corset was originally designed for men, way before women started wearing them. So maybe we’ve had it all wrong, all the time, and lacey lingerie isn’t as feminine as we think it is. Highly unlikely, we’ll admit. But should your boyfriend suddenly develop the urge to start wearing thongs and bras, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Thong bikini hottest summer trend?

This summer, many celebs appear to have discovered the thong bikini. Although this bathing suit is’n exactly a new invention, apparently it is making a comeback. Would you wear one?

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bündchen and of course Miley Cyrus have all been photographed wearing a thong bikini recently. They aren’t alone, as more and more women seem to re-discover the thong bikini. As they should, because this bathing suit style has a few distinctive advantages. Not convinced? Let us sum them up for you.

Why wear a thong bikini?

Say goodbye to your white butt! In a thong bikini, you won’t have to worry about your butt cheeks staying white while ther rest of your body tans. Think of the thong as a strapless bikini bottom.

No visible panty lines. A thong bikini bottom offers the same advantage a regular g-string or thong does. When wearing your pareo or a sun dress over your bikini, you won’t have to worry about visible panty (or in this case: bikini bottom) lines.

Get dry faster. When you’re emerging from your swim in the ocean, you won’t have to wait too long for your bathing suit to stop dripping. Simply because there’s less fabric that can drip.

thong bikini hottest summer trend?If you are still in doubt, consider this: your boyfriend will love seeing you in a thong bikini and will only have eyes for you, instead of ogling other beach babes.

Still not ready to try out a thong bikini? Well, you can always start getting used to the idea by wearing g-strings under your clothes. No one will see them, and you can get used to the freedom of movement it provides and the sexy feeling of confidence it will give you. Who knows, maybe next year you won’t want to go to the beach wearing anything other than a thong bikini!

Charlene Taylor: burlesque, big and beautiful

Plus-size girls can’t wear G-strings? Says who? Charlene Taylor is all about proving them wrong. After being selfconcious about her figure for years this size 16 mother has become one of Britains most popular burlesque dancers. And yes, she wears G-strings. On stage. For the world to see.

“For most of my adult life I believed being sexy meant being a size 10, but now I know that’s not the case and I want other women to know they can do whatever they want – despite their size or shape,” says Charlene Taylor, aka Chazabelle Royale. She won the Miss Burlesque Competitions 2013 and has since become very popular as a burlesque dancer.

Charlene Taylor performs on stage in nothing but a G-string and a feather boa. And she loves doing it. Charlene certainly didn’t see that coming herself. She told The Mirror that she joined a dancing class for fun. After that, her confidence rocketed and before long, she found herself looking forward to performing on stage.

How to become as sexy as Charlene Taylor

Charlene Taylor: burlesque, big and beautifulShe now sees her full figure as a blessing, as it makes her stand out from other burlesque performers. And the audiences she performs for share that opinion. “After every performance people would come up to me and tell me how refreshing it was to see a big girl dancing and how talented I was.”

Charlene Taylor is living proof that big girls can be sexy too. The secret? Not her sexy clothes, not her voluptuous curves. Not her winning smile. Her confidence is what makes her sexy. And you can be like her.

If you have a fuller figure and are ashamed of it, let this beautiful burlesque performer be your inspiration – as she is to so many other women. Buy that G-string you’ve had your